6 Things That Smart Homeowners Should Do in November

Not many people realize that November provides a ton of opportunities. As temperature starts to drop, the smell of wood fills the air. To take advantage of the time, here is what smart homeowners should do.

1. Buy Appliances

One of the best things that you can do during November is to buy appliances. If November is far away, it is important that you wait. It might seem difficult as your old appliances start to make odd noises. However, you must wait for some time to purchase appliances for the best price. The fact is that fall is when manufacturers introduce their latest models and encourage shoppers to make a purchase of the last year’s items by offering big sales. This means that November is a great month to shop. You will find the month to be the best as it is when there is plenty to choose from. Only refrigerators are the exception as they roll out in spring.

2. Change the Direction of the Ceiling Fans

Generally, most fans rotate either counterclockwise or clockwise. You can use a switch to change the direction of the rotation. One ways sucks air up to distribute heat, whereas, the other pushes air down for creating a nice breeze. Counterclockwise is suitable during the summer, whereas, clockwise is the best option when it gets cold.

3. Clean the Windows

As daylight dwindles, it is important that you get as much of it as possible. Therefore, it is a good idea to clean of all the dust, grime, and bugs from the windows while the weather is just right. You should combine half a teaspoon of eco-friendly dish detergent, a quarter cup of white vinegar, and 2 cups of water to thoroughly clean the windows. If you do not have the time to clean the windows, you should hire a professional window cleaner. Besides, bright sunshine is what makes the darkest days if winter worthwhile.

4. Get the Heating Unit Checked

The next thing that you should do is schedule the heating unit checkup. It is best that you get your heating unit checked early on as the last thing you want is to catch a cold. By scheduling the checkup in November, you get to make sure that your family remains healthy. Besides, the unit might need to get serviced and you would be better off getting it serviced earlier as service companies get very busy in winter.

5. Inspect the Fireplace

It is also important that you hire a chimney sweep to take a look at your fireplace. Get your chimney dusted of and swept. It will ensure that your wood-burning fireplace burns efficiently when it gets cold. It would even prevent a chimney fire.

6. Insulate Exposed Pipes

Finally, you should get the exposed pipes insulated during November as they would break otherwise. The pipe may burst if you do not prep your home with heat tape or foam.


Now that you know what to do in November, it is time that you got to work.