Where Is Real Estate Headed?

Whether planning on selling or just considering the options, there are some things  we need to know about being a home seller for the remainder of 2022.  Market conditions have adjusted since last year, impacting the landscape for seller growth! For example, home price growth seems to be returning to pre-pandemic levels. This isn’t the same as saying home read more

Top 5 Home Improvements That Scream ‘Updated!’

“Homes that need updating pause buyers’ minds,” says Stephanie Mallios. Usually, tenants have no idea how much repairs will cost, so they imagine $10,000 -$20,000. When you’re ready to put your house on the market, consider making it more appealing to buyers. No matter what your budget is, updating your home is simple. These are read more

Summer Home Maintenance Tips — Specifically for June

Invest in quality tools while they’re on sale this month. Temps start to soar in June when days start to get longer. Stop your energy and water bills from soaring, too, with these summer home maintenance tips: #1 Stop Buying Cheap Tools Happy Father’s Day to everyone: It’s tool-sale month! Repairs and home improvement projects read more