8 Simple Rules for Negotiating Your Offer and Getting That House

In an ideal world a seller will accept an offer without any negotiations…which may happen from time to time, however sellers are also known to reject offers for a variety of reasons. Or make counteroffers. This is especially likely if you bid low, or when you’re up against multiple competing offers. If you do receive read more

4 Funky Odors In Your House Only Your Guests Can Smell

You probably can’t detect any of your home’s rankest odors. You’ve got nose blindness. Here are some of the most common nose blindness culprits, and how to ban them from your home. #1 Pet Funk There’s one easy way to tell if your home smells like pets: Do you have them? Then yeah, unless you’re an read more

4 Bottom-Line Tips to Decide: What Is the Value of My Home?

Do you want to price your home to sell fast? Your home is more than just a bunch of rooms under a roof. It’s the space where many wonderful & priceless memories were made. But when selling your house, don’t factor in these thoughts, the question is: What is the value of my home? You read more

Dealing with Multiple Offers

In this current market which has record low inventory sellers & buyers may have to deal with multiple offers. Perhaps no situation routinely faced by REALTORS® can be more frustrating, fraught with potential for misunderstanding and missed opportunity, and elusive of a formulaic solution than presenting and negotiating multiple purchase offers.  What is fair? What read more