Color is in Style for 2023

There’s good news for your clients who are weary of the cool greys and white that have been prevalent in homes in recent years.

For those longing to introduce color, one takeaway from a study may be: “go for it.”

It notes the role that color plays in changing the mood of a room and says that incorporating colors that reflect homeowners’ personalities is okay. asked sixty-two interior design industry experts about 2023 home color trends. Neutrals with pops of bold color are expected to be the most popular color combination for 2023, according to 58% of the respondents. Wallpaper, too, is expected to be a prominent design element.

The study notes that using neutrals as a space’s backdrop provides a safe way to splash out and experiment with the bold new colors that are showing up this year. It also says that for anyone who has always wanted to go a little richer in tone but who has hesitated to do so, a neutral palette with a bold color is the perfect solution.

Half of the design pros pointed to Terracotta, a red-brown color reminiscent of Southwestern designs and iron-rich clay, as 2023’s most popular color.

One caveat: If clients plan to sell, it’s still best to stick with neutrals.

Article courtesy of  SRES.Realtor