Pandemic Pool Hysteria

Since the pandemic homeowners spending more time at home and have decided to do various renovations including adding a pool to enjoy their outdoor living space. This trend has most pool contractors booked for the rest of this year and into the Spring of 2022. Anyone considering installing a swimming pool should consider the following.

A backyard pool has become the hottest outdoor amenity. Even homebuyers are willing to pay a premium for properties that come with a swimming pool. Reports show that homes with pools sell for about $50,000-$100,000 more in comparison to those that do not have a swimming pool.

Since people cannot hit the public pool to relax, they are spending money on a home pool. However, most pool contractors have already been booked for the year. Anyone considering installing a swimming pool should consider the following.

  • Size: The size would vary based on your budget and use. A typical swimming pool would be 30-35 feet long and 15 feet wide. If you want a pool for laps, its width could be around 10 feet and length can be increased to 50 feet.
  • Depth of Water: Next, the depth of water should be considered. It could be 3.5 feet at each end about 5.5-6 feet deep towards the center. There are some pools that have a shallow depth as fewer people would use them for diving.
  • Style: Classic rectangle pools have taken over. Kidney-shaped pools have become a thing of the past as they are not as elegant.
  • Materials: Most in-ground pools that are designed today tend to last longer. Sustainability is crucial. Granite is a popular material that can be plastered with a shade of gray to create a Tahoe blue once you add the water. Decorative tiles can also be placed at the top. Although fiberglass pools may be available for a lower price, they are more likely to break down.
  • Heating: The cost of heating a pool can be quite high. It is due to this reason that many homeowners opt for solar power. You can install solar panels on the roof of your home or pool house. Then, you can install an electric heater which runs on the solar energy panels.
  • Chlorine or Saltwater: Although you might think that a saltwater pool is a great option, it would damage the valve actuators that open and close the pool pump. Hence, a chlorinated pool might be your best option.
  • Bells and Whistles: Considered to be an extra, bells and whistles are commonly found in more luxurious pools. If you want to lie in the water, you could get an umbrella for some shade to relax. There are some options that come with a re-circulating waterfall to create a natural look and feel.
  • Safety: Finally: you have to think about safety as well. An alarm which senses movement into the pool can be installed.


There is no denying that a pool is the perfect option. It allows one to enjoy their time spent at home during and after the pandemic.