The Best Time of the Year to Buy Things for Your Home


One of the questions that most people have is when is the best time of the year for buying things for their home. The fact is that buying things like mattresses, materials, furnishings, and appliances can be stressful, especially if you have a huge wish-list. To avoid overspending, you must shop at the right time. Read on to learn more about the best time of year for sales.

1. Towels and Linens – January

If you want to buy furniture, you should consider shopping in January and July. Since stores try to empty their inventories to make way for new items in February and August, you could save anywhere from 30% to 60% by shopping at the right time.

2. Storage Essentials – January and August

Retailers of storage essentials slash their prices in January and August. They even provide free shopping during this time for storage bins, baskets, organizing systems, and shelves. Therefore, you can start the New Year by shopping for cheap items.

3. Major Appliances – January, September to Christmas

When it comes to major appliances, you can get them for the right price during January, September and the Holidays. As new models of appliances are introduced, last year models are sold for a fraction of the price. The only appliance that is not available for less is a refrigerator. It requires you to shop during Black Friday.

4. Mattresses – February and May

Mattress sales are common during February and May. To avoid having to pay full price for a mattress, you need to wait it out. It will ensure that you pay less for a quality mattress. There are countless department stores that provide coupons as well. Hence, you need to stay in the know.

5. Vacuums – April to May

In addition to the above, you can even get a vacuum for less during April and May. It is just the time to get done with spring cleaning.

6. Refrigerator – May

With the Memorial Day savings available in May and also new styles coming out you are sure to get a good deal on a new refrigerator. It is the beset time of the year for this purchase.

7. Gas Grills – July to August

If you are someone who enjoys grilling, you need to shop for a gas grill in July. You can get one before Fourth of July and spend your holidays grilling up a storm. The juicy savings will allow you to spend your money on other things.


After you have finished reading our post, you will know the best time of the year to buy all types of things.